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July 7, 2015

Cheryl & Danny {Jacksonville Engagement Photographer}

I first met Cheryl at a distance, see she sings at my church and has for years. So, I’ve seen her on stage, singing and yes even once I was in the choir, many many moons ago! Cheryl is beautiful and talented! Later, we were in the same ladies Sunday school class, and became Facebook friends… She always likes the photos I post so naturally she’s one of my favorites! 😉

Anyway fast forward to 2015, scrolling through my wall one day I see Cheryl’s relationship status change… and I do my best Jim Carrey, Ace Ventura “oooooh-h-h-h-h reallllly” …. Ah Facebook, the lovely stocker tool you are, I found out that she was dating and never looked happier, then weeks later again BAM Facebook tells me she’s engaged… and because she always likes all the photos I post, I knew this would be a match made in Heaven!

Since I’ve known Cheryl for a while I felt comfortable asking her a little bit about her and Danny’s relationship. How they met etc etc… Realistically I should do this with all couples but I’m usually ready to get down to work and get some awesome shots…

As I spoke with Cheryl though about her story I realized I should likely ask all my clients at least how they met, lol… here’s how it goes in her words:

We started dating back in September….. I was pretty short with him every time we went out. There were only three words on my mind when we went out: stop, no and don’t! Haha! Fast forward to January 2015. We were in choir rehearsal and he announced that his step mom has a brain tumor and requested prayer for an upcoming surgery. I, being on the choir Prayer Team, went into spiritual mode and became a personal prayer warrior for his family. Through that process we started to date more and then one romantic night at the beach on February 13 became the day we decided to become exclusive. On April 13, 2015, we were at a Kids choir rehearsal where he was playing the lead role in their musical. Things were wrapping up and Danny was going to pray for us but he had an announcement to make. He calls me to the stage, pulls out a box, and in front of the kids and choir workers asks me to be his wife! I cried so much my response could barely be heard but was an obvious “yes”! Every day he tells me I am the blessing he prayed to God for and that he will spend the rest of his life showing me in different ways how much he loves me. Our engagement verse was “we love because He first loved us- 1 John 4:19. When God created him for me he created a beautiful thing! We will make this official declaration on February 13, 2016 unless we decide to elope! Haha!

Jessica Lea Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Jessica Lea Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Jessica Lea Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Jessica Lea Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Jessica Lea Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

  1. Fran

    July 7th, 2015 at 1:50 am

    To two of the most wonderful people I know. You both are so blessed to find each others love for each other and the Lord. God will bless you and your marriage in so many ways. It is an honor to know both of you as my friends. The voices that God has given both of you is amazing and I love to hear you sing praises to the Lord. May God Bless you in all that you do.

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