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April 11, 2017

Teresa & Stephen’s Disney Engagement | Orlando Wedding Photographer

This story has been a long time in the making. Somewhere around 8 years to be exact. This post will be full of amazing photos but the story won’t really revolve around the couple. Ironically. This is a time in my career where life, goals and the future of my brand hopefully have all merged into one.

Long time coming

Eight years ago, a young woman named April was looking for a wedding photographer. April is beautiful! Her wedding seemed fun, I hoped to book it we had a good email conversation at the time. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for her me to be her wedding photographer, but we did keep in touch.

Since her wedding I’ve photographed her as a model, her maternity and now her newborn.

Through April I met Amy

It’s wedding time

I had the pleasure of photographing Amy’s wedding some years ago. To this day her wedding images are some of my favorite images! The other day I wrote them both to make sure I had the details of this story correct. April introduced me to Amy when I did a model call for a mentoring session with another photographer. We all hit it off so well, and kept in touch via Facebook. Amy’s wedding was a vintage masquerade ball. Yes please!

We are getting there I promise!

A groomsman in Amy’s wedding, Stephen (who’s dating Teresa at the time)

Match made in Heaven

Before I get to far into this, I’ve has a dream and business goal to photograph a bride in New York City since 2008. I met with life coach Kay Delano, she advised me on goal making. Professional and personal. This goal just happened to merge!

I’m not sure how long Teresa and I have been friends on Facebook. I do know she’s always been a frequent commenter on my Disney adventures. She’s a major Disney fan herself! When she messaged me about her wedding I was stoked. Not only is it in New Jersey, but we’ll be doing a bridal session in NYC!

Somehow, someway we met up for that consult and immediately connected and it was just, a match made in Heaven.

Now onto the fun stuff!

When it came to engagement session, there wasn’t much discussion. She said, can we do Disney, I believe my answer was either of course or duh… there is no other place, not for people like us. 😛

Where do I start? How do I start? This session is perfect! These two are so in love. Very fun! I’m so excited for their wedding in September!

Disney Engagement Session Grand Floridian chandalier

Disney Engagement Session Grand Floridian

Disney Engagement Session Grand Floridian stair case

Disney Bounding Engagement Session

Disney Bounding Engagement Session Wishing Well

Disney Bounding Engagement Session

Monorail Engagement Photos

Monorail Engagement Photos

Couple in Love Orlando Florida

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer

Couple kissing in british phone booth

Engagement fun in british phone booth

British Phone Booth Engagement Photos

Orlando Engagement Photographer This Kiss

So in love Orlando Engagement Photographer

Orlando Engagement Photographer Photos in a crowd

Orlando Engagement Photographer Silhouette

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