Portrait Investment

I am a full service photography business. Meaning, we are taking photos for more than just Facebook. While all sessions will come with digital images, and you are welcome to purchase all digital images, each session will also come with one canvas for your wall. We will choose this image together at your reveal session. I've been doing this a long time and too many times have I heard about the destroyed hard drive, lost CD or USB, or that people have never looked at their images again. Photos are all we have left. Don't you love flipping through old photo albums? You can't flip through a thumb drive. There is something about holding a photograph in your hands that digital files cannot replicate. 
Sessions are meticulously planned out. I ask for 2-4 weeks lead time on sessions to make sure we are able to communicate on timing, location, outfits and the feel for the session. Once your session is completed I will communicate a date and time for the reveal. During the reveal you'll have the opportunity to review your images with me in private. This is where we will choose your included canvas and any other prints you'd like to purchase. 

Signature Sessions

• Up to 2hrs on location
• 1 11x14 Canvas Print
• 10 digital downloads


For a full list of print packages, canvas pricing, metal prints or any other wall art available through Jessica Lea Photography, please contact Jess directly.
The possiblities are endless! 

1. How many outfit changes?  Honestly, if you're a pro bring as many as you want. However, on average 2 are ideal, 3 can be done. But remember each wardrobe change will take way from shooting time

2. How many locations? We try to choose locations that are a "one stop shop" or with options close by. For instance Riverside has cool buildings and two parks with in walking distance. This allows us multiple looks in minimal time. If we are discussing additional locations the fee starts at $20 and increases depending on the distance between locations. 

3. What do I bring with me? I honestly don't work with a lot of props, if you're flipping through my portfolio you'll see minimal props are used. If these are items you want please feel free to bring them. Otherwise I will provide you a list of helpful items to have on hand (like a hairbrush, walking shoes, bottle of water, etc etc) with your welcome packet. 

4. How long does it take to get images? The short answer is 4-6 weeks. The honest answer is, it depends on my editing schedule. I edit every session in order, meaning if I had 4 sessions the week before you're session, you'll be 5th in line and may take the full 6 weeks. I do my best to keep you up to date on where you are in que. Your reveal session is great, we schedule this together and you know exactly when your images will be completed. 

5. Do you require a deposit? Yes. Deposits are required to hold any session date, they are 50% and are non-refundable.

6. How many images will I get? I do my best to not limit this number. Some sessions yield more than others but I can safely say between 60-150 images proofed to you.

7. Can we bring the dog? Yes! 100% However, if you do bring the dog be sure you bring water, treats and possibly someone to watch the dog or help to get the dogs attention during the session. You won't want the dog in all your photos and tending to fido can be very distracting for you during your session. Making sure they are comfortable and taken care of eases any anxiety for your dog and you during the session. 


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